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Our Long, Proud History

Anderson & House Inc. has been serving commerce and industry since its beginning in 1906. Throughout its history, One of the original owners was, indeed, one of Oklahoma’s finest builders, Mr. Archie O. Campbell. It was Archie O. Campbell who, in 1901, built Oklahoma City’s first skyscraper, the five-story Culbertson Building.this company has proudly contributed to the growth of Oklahoma City, as well as other great cities in our nation. Attached is an appendix listing many major building projects completed by Anderson & House Inc. throughout its long-standing, proud history.

Later, Mr. Campbell formed a partnership with Mr. Thomas O’Keefe to construct Central High School in downtown Oklahoma City. Today, this majestic building is listed in the National Register of Historic Places and was the prestigious headquarters for Southwestern Bell Telephone Company from 1984 to 2005.

In 1912, Mr. Campbell established another successful partnership with Mr. William E. Price, and, together, they became respected leaders within the ever-growing construction industry. Many notable buildings were created by these first two partnerships including the Kerr Building and the great Skirvin Tower Hotel. Both are solid testimonials to the early development of sound building practices still in use today.

After Archie Campbell’s death in 1935, Mr. Price took on another distinguished partner, Mr. Frank J. Kern. In 1938, Mr. Price was elected president of the Oklahoma Builders Chapter of the Associated General Contractors of America. This was a new name for a consolidation of the Oklahoma City and Tulsa AGC Chapters, and Mr. Kern was one of the pioneers who helped to incorporate the new chapter. The company thrived as Price and Kern Construction for nearly five years, until Mr. Kern’s passing in 1940.

The year of 1940 brought a new name for the company, W. E. Price Construction Company, and a new partnership between Mr. Price and Mr. George A. Koegel, a former coworker of the late Archie O. Campbell. Mr. Koegel contributed to the company as bookkeeper and estimator until 1948, at which time the company was sold to Anderson & House Industrial Construction.

Mr. Fred Anderson and Mr. Harry House initially worked together during the construction of Tinker Air Force Base. Mr. Anderson acted as general superintendent and Mr. House as chief engineer for a joint venture consisting of C. M. Dunning Construction, Guy James Construction, and Patterson Steel.

From that beginning, Anderson and House formed a partnership called Industrial Construction, who’s warranted success led to the acquisition of W. E. Price Construction.

After the purchase of W. E. Construction in 1948, the partnership of Anderson & House Industrial Construction moved into the offices at 1627 West Main Street in Oklahoma City, where the firm still operates today. Mr. Price still had some contracts to be completed when Anderson & House moved in, so two of Oklahoma’s finest construction firms worked out of the same office for a few months. From their new location, Anderson & House built an impressive clientele including OKC Chamber of Commerce, Southwestern Bell Telephone, People’s National Bank, First State Bank, University of Oklahoma and Sohio Petroleum, just to name a few.

In 1963, the partnership of Anderson & House Industrial Construction proudly became an Oklahoma Corporation. With Mr. House serving as president and Mr. Anderson serving as vice-president, Anderson & House Inc. continued their proven tradition, upholding the highest standard of construction. Many impressively large projects for shopping centers, banks, hotels, and schools, as well as various office buildings, were completed under their leadership.

Eventually, Mr. House retired in 1969. Mr. Anderson assumed the position of president, and Mr. James M. Howard became vice-president. When Mr. Anderson retired, in October of 1970, the corporation changed officers again. Mr. Howard became president and Mr. Dorsey B. Self, a carpenter and superintendent with the firm since 1956, became vice-president. As the company’s management was passed to a new generation, the traditional quality of Anderson & House construction continued. Accomplishments included more banks, car dealerships, telephone buildings, medical facilities, and factories.

In 1983, Dorsey B. Self acquired all the outstanding stock of Anderson & House Inc. and became president and sole owner of the Corporation. In 1984, Mr. Don Goldsby, the company’s estimator and a project manager since 1979, became a junior partner and assumed the position of vice-president. Oklahoma City’s finest organizations, including Southwestern Bell, Oklahoma Natural Gas, AT&T, IGA, Fred Jones, Venture, Hobby Lobby, Kerr-McGee, Times Journal andRalston Purina, and several new area banks, all turned to the time-proven professional quality of Anderson & House Inc.
In 1986, the development of the first portable, prefabricated concrete and brick structure called the Selco Building opened a new market for Anderson & House Inc., and led to a unique opportunity for a long-term contract with a long-standing customer. In need of quality, low-cost remote buildings, Southwestern Bell Telephone Company turned to Anderson & House Inc. yet again, this time with a long-term contract in 1988 to service all the company’s future state-wide building needs.

In 1989, Mr. Goldsby was promoted to president of Anderson & House Inc., and Mr. Self stayed on as vice-president. Sadly, 1991 brought the loss of vice-president Dorsey Self, after a long battle with cancer. Mr. Goldsby became sole owner of the corporation. Later, in 1993, Chris Wilson and Ron Hixon, company employees since 1985, became corporate partners.

In October 1997, with the retirement of Don Goldsby, Chris Wilson became president and Ron Hixon became vice-president.

And again, tradition and pride are handed down to a new generation committed to upholding the company’s long-standing reputation of excellence. Flourishing with the city, Anderson & House Inc. earned several new contracts for multiple building projects for major corporations including AT&T, Eckerd Drug Stores, Cox Communications and OKC School District.

In 2013 with the retirement of Ron Hixon, Chris Wilson became the sole owner of the company. Under the leadership of Chris Wilson & Ron Hixon, Anderson & House, Inc. had the privilege of working with clients including Mercy Health Center, OKC School District (OCMAPS), Red Rock Behavioral Health Services and BancFirst.

In 2014 Anderson & House, Inc. once again had the opportunity to work in the original Central High School building. The new tenant, Oklahoma City University made improvements to the 4-Story building for their Law School division. Some other clients also included Oklahoma City Golf & Country Club, Advantage Bank, Gentle Care Animal Hospital and the Catholic Church. Some of the projects with the Catholic Church include Christ the King Junior High School Addition, St. Katharine Drexel Memory Care Unit in El Reno, St. Benedict Church Addition in Shawnee, Bishop McGuinness All Women’s Facility, and the New Facility for the Catholic Charities Foundation.

In 2015, Miguel Troncoso, company employee since 2004 became Vice President and Junior Partner of Anderson & House, Inc.

Professional Memberships & Certifications

 Anderson & House Inc. is an active member of the Better Business Bureau, Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce, and the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC). Chris Wilson serves on many committees for AGC and Christ the King Church. Mr. Wilson served on the AGC Board of Directors, served as Secretary/Treasurer, Vice President and served as past President of the AGC Board of Directors.

The strength of an organization does not reside in any one person, but in all members, combining integrity, commitment, and pride in their accomplishments. The personal credentials of each member of Anderson & House Inc. represent the highest levels of skill, responsibility and leadership. Since 1906, Anderson & House Inc. has consistently upheld its long-standing tradition of producing honest workmanship, sound construction, and excellent service, while providing a meaningful contribution to the Oklahoma community.

It is our privilege and pleasure to continue this tradition far into the future.

BBB-logo.gif Better Business Bureau, Oklahoma
Associated General Contractors of America AGC of Oklahoma – The Associated General Contractors of America
Greater Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce Greater Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce
American Society of Healthcare Engineers (ASHE) American Society of Healthcare Engineers (ASHE)
American Institute of Constructors - Construction Management Certified American Institute of Constructors – Construction Management Certified
Oklahoma City Rotary Club Oklahoma City Rotary Club
Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
Certified Alliance Steel Builder Certified Alliance Steel Builder
Oklahoma City All Sports Association Oklahoma City All Sports Association


 Anderson & House is dedicated to taking every precaution to keep our employees safe while working on your project. Our employees attend annual OSHA classes in order to keep our safety sword at its sharpest. Weekly on-site discussions and monthly office talks keep safety a #1 priority in preparing the procedures to fulfill your project needs. Our Experience Modification Rate, as shown below, is a testimony to our dedication to safety in all facets.

The Experience Modification Rate (EMR) is a rate based on a formula used by insurance companies that compares hours worked versus injury claims made. If a company is at the industry average their EMR is 1.0. If a company’s experience is 20% better than the industry average than its EMR would be .80 or if it were 20% worse it would be 1.20.

2013 EMR = .98

2014 EMR = 1.03

2015 EMR = 1.09

2016 EMR = .79 

Our Community

As an active member of the community, having a vested interest in the people of Oklahoma City, Anderson & House Inc. donated both time and funds to numerous charitable and non-profit organizations throughout the city including:

  • Victims Impact Panel of OK
  • American Legion
  • First Christian Church
  • YMCA Downtown
  • Mustang Kiwanis
  • Catholic Charities of Oklahoma City
  • Bishop McGuinness Catholic High School
  • Mount St. Mary Catholic High School
  • Oklahoma City Beautiful
  • American Heart Assoc.
  • Festival of the Arts
  • Oklahoma City Jaycees
  • OK Special Olympics
  • Youth Leadership Exchange
  • Church of Christ
  • YMCA Greenbriar
  • Travelers’ Aid
  • OK State Troopers Assoc.
  • Oklahoma Firefighters Assoc.
  • Junior Achievements
  • Stockyard Lion’s Club
  • Allied Arts Foundation
  • Panther Booster Club
  • The Foundation for Oklahoma City Public Schools.